Madrid, June 26th 21:00
Post-party at Moroder


Hendrik Kerstenz — Bag, november 2007

Léon Bonnat — Job (1880)

Thursday, March 13th in Wurlitzer Ballroom (Madrid). Last gig before we have a little break. Beautiful poster by Coque.

Don The Tiger is the personal project of Adrián de Alfonso, probably one of the most amazing musician right now in Spain. His remix of ‘Blanc’ is a puzzling trip into his inimitable writing: from deformed pop tune to closed circuits experiments to industrial banging. Just incredible.

'Recueil du mal' of Tony Chauvin (from cult bands Percevalmusic and Chevreuil) was one of my favorite record from last year. His remix of ‘Ton père’ is a precisely composed chaos, a drum battling cellos, a labyrinth of noises and voices.

Santiago Latorre was one the first collaborator to be invited for ‘Mandorle’, but his saxophone parts finally didn’t make it to the final version of his track. I still very much love what he did so we did an alternative arrangement of ‘Le désert du Namib’ with my voice, and David on guitar. This goes to you, Santiago.

Jonathan Lee is a musician and sound artist from Richmond, Virginia, better known under the wonderful moniker of Anduin. His remix of ‘Autodafé’ is a strict and ascetic rework with the original tracks, revealing the skeletal of the song, the dry prayer that lies underneath.

Vaz Oliver is another great friend of us and a long-time musical partner. His take at ‘Vesica Piscis’ brings a new, more classic, angle at this collection and a great tribute to the duality between drones and pop he always drifts in.

The very first demo of ‘Vesica Piscis’ was sung by Ricardo from McEnroe. In the end, it was discarded when I switch to french, but we still recorded a proper version in spanish, with his deep, amazing voice.

The Ouverture remix by our good friend Greg Gobel is another exceptional one. He sliced it up in 6 short movements and now feels like a contemporary piece of sound art. I believe it’s actually better than the original. Greg is also a great bass player and has been saying over the last two years that he has a first album coming soon.

Jacob are David Cordero (Úrsula) and Marco Serrato (Orthodox, Hidden Forces Trio), and, this, is an animal’s descent into the dooms.

FIRE WALK WITH ME: ‘Autodafé’ remixed by Aidan Baker

This version is a live rendition of ‘Resplandor II’, which is always a special moment for us in the middle of the show. It’s also a great one for hangovers, or rainy sunday afternoons.

Xisco Rojo is amongst other thousand things the voice behind The Singer Not The Song. He took ‘Resplandor IV’ and covered in mysterious layers of guitars until the original track disappeared like a ghost, like a story that never happened, like the steam of a remote temple.